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Ruth Bourne Bletchley
Ruth June Bourne (born 1926)] was one of the Women of Bletchley Park, recruited to help win World War II against the Germans from 1939 - 1945. The Woman of Bletchley Park were a secret team put together by the British government, made to sign a Secrets Act confirming that they would not tell anyone about their work there. During her time at Bletchley, Ruth Bourne's job was not only to work on the German code, but to be a bombe operator. She was one of the Women's Royal Naval Service (WRENs) responsible for dismantling the bombes wire by wire after the war had ended in 1945.
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A True Tale of the Moonwatch
July 20th marks the day that Neil Armstrong took a brave leap forward for mankind in 1969. While journalistic sources today will write about the trivia of the moon landing, we, as watch aficionados, will turn all of our attention towards the Speedmaster. In honour of todays iconic date, we would like to take a look back on the history of the Moonwatch and remember its exquisite performance.
Born in Bombay India, December 30,1865, Rudyard Kipling was educated in England. He received his learning at United Services College at Westward Ho, North Devon. By 1880, he returned to Lahore, India where he began writing as a sub-editor for "The Civil and Military Gazette". He was just seventeen.
In 1892, he married an American, Caroline Starr Balestier with whom he became acquainted with notable American authors of the day. He received an honourary degree from Oxford University in 1907 along with one of his contemporaries, Mark Twain. During the same year he was granted the Nobel prize for literature, the first British writer so honoured.
Rudyard Kipling

Mark Smith is a military museum curator and specialist in military medals.
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The unique Distinguished Service Medal, Military Medal and Titanic Carpathia Medal Group
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Betty Vine-Stevens as she then was volunteered for the Auxiliary Territorial Service.
After basic training, to her surprise, she found herself ordered to London, to an office in Piccadilly where she was interviewed by a very pleasant, twinkly-eyed Army Major from the Intelligence Corps.
From there she was ordered to take a train to Bletchley in Buckinghamshire
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