Sent In Articles By Brethren of The Lodge
John Walker Junior Found this in dads ritual book
For the past twelve weeks, the inmates and staff who are employed in the engineering workshops at HMPPS Featherstone, have been working seven days a week, excepting for Bank Holidays, producing beds destined for the NHS.
HMPPS establishments across the country with engineering workshops produce metal framed beds for the Prison Service the manufacture of which is on ongoing. However, when the Covid 19 situation escalated an order was received from our head quarters in London for 2,500 beds intended for the NHS apparently to be used at the NEC where an emergency hospital was being set up.
Up to date we have produced some 1,700 beds that have been delivered to our national warehouse in Burton. I am employed as an Instructional Officer teaching Fabrication & Welding and I feel very proud of the lads who I oversee and have trained as they have done a sterling job and there are a number of inmates who have volunteered to help out.
Some of my lads have been industrious in making various items for the Newfields Lodge rooms under my tutorage, for example they made the railings on the entrance steps, The wand stands in the temple, the knocker to announce the Worshipful Master entering the Festive Board and not forgetting the Gavel Keyrings that were advertised a few weeks back.
We have quite a few Masons in the Prison Service and at my establishment we have members from Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and East Lancashire. Perhaps one day we will have a Prison Lodge!
Stay Safe Brethren
W.Bro. David J. Evans Halas Abbey Lodge 5407
Brother John Walker  Runs an Akido Club In Wordsley with  Brother Gus Teruel ,John  Found these photos out his instructor brother Brian burrows receiving his 7th dan certificate from the world leader of Aikido the founder of aikido grandson.
Brian was a member of halas abbey Lodge no 5407 proposed by Brother John Walker.
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