LOI Times

The L.O.I. meets at the Lodge Rooms at 7.15pm on the first and fourth Thursday’s in the Months of October to April and on the fourth Thursday in September.


LOI (Lodge Of Instruction) What it Means?
In Freemasonry, at the Main (Regular) meetings the work of the evening usually takes the form of working various Ceremonies which explain to Candidates the history and meaning of Freemasonry in the 3 Craft Degrees, and it is the same in the other Orders of the Institution, such as the Royal Arch.
These Ceremonies have been likened by one Assistant Provincial Grand Master as being two act plays, and as with any play, the participants have to know their lines and positions.
The Lodge of Instruction or L.O.I. as it is more usually known, is the rehearsal time, where the Brethren of the Lodge can learn and practice their lines and where they have to stand or move around the Lodge Room
In the early days the words and actions for the Ceremonies were passed down by word of mouth from the Preceptors, who are the "Teachers" of the ritual,  to the Junior Brethren, as some of the Ceremonies can take over an hour, which is a lot of learning and a lot of rehearsals  in order to get it right, because, as with any play, a ritual well done is very pleasing for all, including the Visitors from other Lodges who come to join us .  However if done poorly, this can lead to a very boring evening
Today the words are written down and the Brethren can thus learn the words in their own time, but they still need, like in any play, to rehearse their lines and interact with their fellow "actors".
In Halas Abbey we have 2 L.O.I's each month.  The first is for the regular Officers of the Lodge, so that they can practice their part for the Ceremony the following week.  The other L.O.I. is for the Junior Brethren, some of whom many not yet have an Office in the Lodge, and this gives them an early opportunity to start to learn the ritual, before progressing through the Lodge, eventually to become the Worshipful Master.
Although none attendance at L.O.I.  will not preclude a Brother from progressing through the Lodge Offices, it does make it a lot easier, and in Halas Abbey we usually have some very happy L.O.I. meetings, finishing with some further (happy) instruction in the Bar afterwards.

Lodge of Instruction

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