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Contacted Lorraine Price On 4th February Who's Husband Fred Price a long standing member who passed away in 1997. Fred was content to remain on the stewards bench but was promoted to Past Provincial Grand Standard bearer owing to his dedication.
He joined Halas Abbey  in the mid 1970's. Lorraine lives at home and celebrated her 90th birthday in December.
She has a daughter and grandchildren and regularly attends Halesowen Widows Coffee Mornings.
She had a bad Fall in January in her bathroom and has been in lockdown like all of us, she is getting better but needs to gain her confidence. She keeps InTouch with Joyce and Sylvia through these hard times, her Daughter helps her out and the family rally round to help her. Like all of us she misses the connection of other people and can not wait for all of this to be over and get her confidence Back to meet up again.
I left her my Number and Told her if she needs anything Ring we are here for her, I did ask if she has any computer or mobile but she has not, I did say if she speaks to other members who have they can keep her informed.



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Contacted Helen Glover on 4th February the widow of W.Bro. Alex Glover WM 1998. She appeared to be very upbeat and is looking forward to her planned move to Kidderminster. She currently resides in Penn, Wolverhampton, and is moving to a dormer bungalow to be near her son Chris. Her other son, Martin, lives in Perton.
She is missing her Campanology (Bell ringing) as the restrictions due to Covid have inevitability impacted on this. She rings at Penn, and she intends to ring at Kidderminster when she moves.
She is also a member of a hand ringing group and I have asked that, when we can resume normal service, if she and group would come along to Newfields and perform a Carol evening at Christmas to which she expressed great delight.
She has no intention of acquiring a dog at present and she is enjoying living with two cats.

Almoner's Day

I provide details of my recent contact with Margaret Woodall on February 4th to contribute to Provincial Almoners day on February 7th.
Margaret is the widow of W Bro Mike Woodall who was a worthy member of Halas Abbey being installed in the chair in 1988. He was an excellent ritualist leading to his subsequently being appointed Acting Provincial Grand Steward - the only master to gain that accolade in the history of Halas Abbey.
He was also gifted with a fine singing voice and led the ladies Song for many years, becoming an honorary member in 2013. He passed away in 2019 after continuing ill health.
I am in regular contact with Margaret and Viv and myself visited her on several occasions at her home in Pedmore before the outbreak of covid.
She is now in reasonable health although suffering from back pain and a broken bone in her foot which has now healed .
Margaret keeps in daily contact with her daughter Rachel, her husband and 3 grandsons living in London and would regularly visit them before the pandemic.
Presently she is keeping safe and in contact with her many friends belonging to the local church but cannot at present manage to steel herself to participate in services without the company of Mike.
Margaret is desperate to resume normality but at present limits herself to a weekly visit to the shops.

She is grateful for our contact to enable her to be updated on Halas Abbey from whom she has fond memories of Ladies nights and day outings.

She sends everyone her best wishes.

Doug Allen 
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