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Greetings Brethren all, I trust you and your beloved are all well and hanging on in there awaiting better and safer times!

Further to my last mail and my announcement on our last zoom meeting, we received a further £60-00 which made a grand total of £475-00.

This was disbursed as follows -

Cancer Research UK £130-00
Royal National Lifeboat Institution £50-00
Birmingham Childrens Hospital £295-00 rounded up to £300-00.

Thank you for a fantastic result. A huge elbow bump to you all !

Kindest regards  

Sincerely & fraternally

Doug - Almoner & Charity Steward
For Football Fans Out There!
Doug Allen Charity
Main meetings take place on the second Thursday in the months of October, November, January, February, March, April, and the Installation meeting in May are suspended until later in 2021 When Covid Restrictions are Safe.
Almoner Doug Allen our Charity Brother Announced via our regular Sunday Zoom Meeting. Brethren as we are not attending Normal Lodge Meetings, It would be a good Idea to Help with the Charity donations by Giving a small donation every week. This would allow us to contribute to HELP those less fortunate. We have added a Donation Button to Site it's PayPal. so Feel Free to Use It.
Now On the Site Masonic Symbol Quiz Please Have a go see if you do Ok it's a bit of Fun but also a good learning Tool, Ron your Web Master
Better Lives is our bi-annual magazine, featuring real stories from the people we help, advice for anyone thinking of applying for support, and news from the MCF. Click on Better lives Book
John Chapman
The Cubit Club is an initiative developed by the Worcestershire Province to provide both young and new Masons with a medium to socialise and liaise with fellow Masons of a similar age or stage of Masonic development. It supports those brethren new to Freemasonry during the first few years of their Masonic lives. Click on Cubit.
Brethren, Week 51 and we must take the opportunity to congratulate those recently
appointed and promoted to Grand Rank in Craft and Royal Arch.
Congratulations must also go to our PCO, who has taken up another compering role in his
already busy schedule, hosting, guiding and controlling the audience in a new UGLE series of
Take a look at our next part in the series on Worcestershire development from WBro Bill
Mason Also the opportunity to sign up to two more online activities over the next two
weeks is highlighted - the next "An Audience With", and the first virtual Organ Concert from
UGLE in 2021.
Keep strong, keep positive, take the vaccine and stay safe.
The Editorabout those people that perhaps we have a tendency to take for granted, in their support on his own journey.
Keep strong, keep positive, take the vaccine and stay safe.
The Editor
I’m doing the March 4 March Challenge. Concordia Lodge have set a target of 5,000,000. The the members who have agreed to the challenge collate their individual totals each week and when we hit 5,000,000 the the Lodge will donate £100 to Balls to Cancer. For every 250,000
thereafter another £100 will be donated. The pics are of me out walking on the Shropshire Union Canal.
W.Bro. D.J. Evens
Cheque Presentation To Concordia Lodge 5131 the Wolverhampton University Lodge Click Picture to Watch.
Betty Webb Bletchley Park Code Breaker,

Aged 18, Betty Webb gave up a domestic science course and joined the anti-Nazi codebreaking operation at Bletchley Park. Now aged 94, she recalls the first defeat of fascism - and reveals how she is helping to crush it againand was recognised in 2002 as a 50 year Mason.
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